Church Bells Tower

Marius Șucan
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Product description

This is an application dedicated to bell lovers and Christians.

It can strike the bells as a church tower... every quarter or on the hour. It can also toll bells distinctively every six hours, eg., at noon, midnight.

Church Bells Tower can also show Bible quotes daily, at easy to specify intervals... and to remind the user of Christian feasts/celebrations or secular international holidays. The days of feast can be marked additionally by regular semantron drumming.

This application has many customization options, to enable you to make it suit your needs. It also has many bell sounds you can enjoy through-out the day.

This product is freeware and open-source. However, I would appreciate a small donation from anyone. Thank you.

Presentation video

Also available on:

Microsoft Windows Store

Github [source code]


  • strike quarter-hours

  • strike on the hour once... or the number of hours

  • toll distinctively every six hours [early morning, at noon, in the evening and at midnight]

  • tick/tock background sound [optional]

  • set an alarm or a timer

  • stopwatch - to help you track activities

  • easy to configure intervals to chime or to keep silent

  • options to automatically limit chimes if music is playing in the background or if videos play in full-screen

  • option to display time when it chimes/strikes/toll ;-)

  • ... with an analog clock display, if you want

  • display a random Bible verse in English, French or Spanish, at a specified interval

  • informs you about leap year/day, moon phases, equinoxes and solstices, and how much of the current day or year has elapsed

  • option to display / indicate / observe (Orthodox or Catholic) Christian feast days or secular holidays; automatically calculates the dates for Easter and related celebrations

  • option to regularly play semantron drumming sounds on holidays or celebrations in Christianity;

  • ability to create a custom list of your own holidays

  • option to start at boot

I want this!

A freeware app for bell lovers :-).


Church Bells Tower

0 ratings
I want this!