KeyPress OSD v4.69.1

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Marius Șucan
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The product is portable. No installation needed.

KeyPress OSD can be used on touch screens and with a real keyboard and mouse. It runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, 7 and XP, for x64 and x32.

Product description

This program is an On-Screen Display or a Heads-Up Display for keys. It displays every key or mouse button press at a clearly visible text size. It is meant to aid desktop computer usage. It is especially useful while chatting or for occasional typing. The user no longer has to squint at the screen or zoom in the entire screen to see what s/he wrote for every text field.

Video presentation

This application can also be used for screen casts or presentations, by disabling the typing mode at Preferences. In its main menu, you can select Quick Start Presets to help you get started.

Numerous unique features, options and settings are available in the different Preferences windows provided in the program, such that everyone can find a way to adapt it to personal needs.

This application has full-support for Cyrillic, Greek and Latin [extended] alphabets and almost any language based on abugida scripts: Bengali, Devanagari, Telugu, Tamil, and so on.

In alternate typing mode, full support for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages and keyboard layouts using Input Method Editors (IMEs).

Current version release date: 2023 / 06 / 30.

A 5 days trial of KeyPress OSD is available on the official product web site

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A unique On-Screen Display for professional video tutorials, screencasts and a typing aid!



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$44.99 $13.05

KeyPress OSD v4.69.1

30 ratings
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